Three profile photos of Robert Covington (Houston Rockets), Danny Green (Los Angeles Lakers), and Trevor Ariza (Portland)

Ok, bear with me.

Imagine it is the NBA offseason of old and it is a warm July evening. The NBA is hosting its annual General Manager Revitalization Retreat where all the league’s GMs gather to relax and regain their sanity.

One activity involves wandering through a lush, forested park. The retreat leader — I, personally, picture Hubie Brown with a wooden staff and socks in Birkenstocks rattling off old basketball adages as they saunter — brings the group to a large water fountain at the centre of the park.

Hubie hands each GM a penny and says in his…

This is a missive to the many Toronto Raptors fans having existential crises every time Pascal Siakam goes 7/23 or Aron Baynes gets roasted by, well, most everyone.

You win one championship and all of the sudden you start behaving like King Henry the VIII of roster decisions.

Trade him. Cut him. Sign him. Bench him. Blow it all to smithereens.

I can at least agree that Terence Davis needs to go — for obvious reasons.

Otherwise, let’s just chill. We have it pretty damn good.

It was not so long ago that we spent every single year wincing in…

The 2020/21 Toronto Raptors starting day roster is more or less finalized. Which is good, cause, like, there are less than two weeks until preseason — TWO WEEKS!

This year’s “offseason” additions to the team were limited and measured.

And that was a good thing.

The 2020 NBA Free Agency Class was…modest to say the least. Toronto’s resigning of Fred Van Vleet was the League’s biggest grab.

Which is exciting, but only in a subdued way like when your Dad’s birthday gift to you is forgiving the $200 bucks you borrowed to buy that new pair of Jordan’s you only…

In seven hours from the time I write this, the NBA Free Agency shopping spree commences. And if the last week is a predication of what is to come — get your popcorn and head to your bunker because there’s about to be an downpour of Woj bombs.

When it comes to the Toronto Raptors, though, I suspect a much more mild experience.

A couple of reasons why.

  1. The Eastern Conference Arms Race has Begun

Granted the bottom half of the East is utterly pathetic, again. But the big boys at the top are going full steam ahead.

Milwaukee launched…

The player-types who no longer walk the NBA world.

Change is abrupt and harsh. Just ask Luddites or Blockbusters. Transformation’s pace waits for no one.

In the NBA, change is not typically so swift. Rules evolve — hand-checking, the no-charge zone, illegal defence — but rarely do they radically alter the game. Players and coaches are always adapting; the way they play and strategize remaining more or less the same.

The same could once be said for rosters. For decades, teams sought players according to an orthodox of need: five individual positions with distinct roles on the court. …

What Are The Toronto Raptors Going To Do This Offseason?

We’re in the listless days of the NBA season, where teams are gearing up for the Golden State Bowl or winding down for the Zion raffle. Most are more or less locked into their seedings, rendering the majority of the remaining games lackluster. Which means that for ten more days we get to engage in the it’s-way-too-early-to-talk-about-the-offseason-but-we’re-doing-it-anyway discussion.

For the Toronto Raptors, the shadow of July 1st has loomed for months. Within that nebula, lays the answer to the future of the greatest player to dawn a Dino. Kawhi Leonard’s…

Adon Moss

Policy Analyst; Strategic Foresight Analyst; Freelance writer; Basketball Opinionist.

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